Therapy and Well Being

Being in familiar surroundings and living independently can be good for your wellbeing itself, but it shouldn’t mean that treatment stops. We offer a range of services to help any participant deal with problems and find solutions for any ongoing physical and emotional challenges.

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Behavioural Support

Identifying, assessing and understanding behavioural issues at home, our team will work with the participant and their family to find answers to ongoing issues. We develop actionable plans that provide practical solutions for behavioural challenges, ensuring everyone involved can enjoy a satisfactory outcome.

Zonda Care Behaviour Support Services offers a top-tier, evidence-based, person-cantered approach to individuals with approved behaviour support funding in their NDIS plans. Behaviour support funding is allocated upon identification of behaviours that may present challenges within the individual’s environment. Such behaviours are termed ‘challenging’ as they necessitate all supporting parties to collaborate in understanding the underlying reasons and devising solutions together.

The primary goal of positive behaviour support is to enhance an individual’s quality of life. Behaviour Support Services fall under the NDIS Support Category of Improved Relationships.

We offer support for all age groups, children, teenagers, adults and aged care clients.

Behaviour Support Practitioners

At Zonda Care, you’ll receive support from compassionate and extensively trained positive behaviour support practitioners. They provide behaviour support and therapy while collaborating with you to create a personalized positive behaviour support plan. Our aim is to enhance your health, happiness, and overall well-being, ultimately improving your quality of life.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Our Behaviour Support Service comprises a diverse team of specialists who leverage various areas of expertise to develop holistic behaviour support plans. These plans incorporate strategies tailored to meet the individual needs of each person, effectively addressing any concerning behaviours. With a focus on achieving positive behavioural outcomes, our approach involves crafting personalized support plans and delivering comprehensive training. We prioritize close collaboration with our clients to ensure they receive the necessary assistance to reach their goals.

Assessment and Recommendations Report

A Comprehensive Assessment and Recommendation Report typically entails a thorough examination of an individual, including any existing risks, restrictive practices, or behaviours of concern. This may encompass observations, interviews, assessments, and report writing. This service is ideal for individuals who could benefit from Behaviour Support services but currently lack funding for Improved Relationships in their NDIS plan.

Therapeutic Support

For individuals with Autism, support in learning to navigate the world around them is essential. There are a number of strategies deployed here, all designed to improve functional skills for independent living. Covering personal skills, socialising and friendships, being part of a community and the daily tasks of life, our therapeutic support helps individuals gain the confidence and skills they need to be able to live independently.

Early Childhood Support

As children grow and develop, they can require a range of therapy solutions to meet their changing needs. Covering occupational, speech, physiotherapy and exercise physiology, we create tailored therapy solutions to ensure each child has the support structure they need at every stage of development.