In Home Support

Being able to maintain a safe and rewarding life in familiar surroundings can have a dramatic effect on morale and mental health for those that need support for disabilities of all kinds. 

Respite Solutions - Zonda Care NDIS

Every Participant is different, which is why our in-home support care is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Covering a wide range of care activities, each Participant may require one of more in any combination to provide a safe, enjoyable living environment they need.

Development of Life Skills

Providing the support and guidance needed to help individuals understand and practice various life skills to help them participate in social and recreational activities as well as being confident in taking their place within the wider community.

Household Tasks

For many people with disabilities, one of the biggest barriers to independent living at home is that they struggle with some daily tasks we usually take for granted. However, with our in-home care service, there is an answer. Our experienced professionals provide the help needed so that any participant can stay in their own homes safely and comfortably.


Being able to get around is essential for independent living. Our dedicated transport solutions provide independence with suitable vehicles and professional teams to provide easy, dependable transport to help you with all your essential travel.

Assist – Personal Activities

Our compassionate, professional carers will Support with everything from getting out of bed to showering and other personal hygiene needs. With our support, you can live a fulfilling, independent life at home in familiar surroundings.

Assist – Life Stage, Transition

For those leaving assisted living facilities and moving into their own homes, we offer a comprehensive support service to help with the transition. 

With our expert support, you will learn new life skills as we guide you through the transition, helping you become part of your local community and master the social and domestic skills you need to thrive.

Assist – Daily Life

From shopping for groceries to paying bills, to booking and attending important appointments. 

Our professional care team will help you with all this and more, creating a tailored support solutions that fits to each individual’s needs. Whatever help is required to maintain safe, comfortable living at home, we will deliver the right service for your unique needs.